Strays II + Mind Travel Mushroom Tea Bundle
Strays II + Mind Travel Mushroom Tea Bundle
Strays II + Mind Travel Mushroom Tea Bundle
Strays II + Mind Travel Mushroom Tea Bundle

Strays II + Mind Travel Mushroom Tea Bundle

Release Date: November 24, 2023
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Strays II "Mind Melt Marble" Colored VInyl with Margo's Mind Travel Mushroom Tea by Wunderground

Strays II expands on Margo Price’s 2023 opus Strays with nine brand new songs, all recorded at Strays producer Jonathan Wilson’s Topanga studio during the same life-changing sessions as the rest of the album– and partially written amidst the formative, six-day psilocybin trip that Margo Price and Jeremy Ivey took the summer prior.

On Strays II Margo Price is re-joined by Strays collaborators Jonathan Wilson and Mike Campbell, along with new collaborators Buck Meek of Big Thief, and multi-instrumentalist Ny Oh of Neon Gru and Harry Styles’ band. Together they dive deeper into the sacrifices it takes to find freedom, the grit it takes to make it, and the consequences that come with all of it. 
Wunderground is LGBTQ & Female founded by Jody Hall.  She created Wunderground to help us navigate the new normal of stress and worry - to help us feel and perform better!  Wunderground pledges 5% of profits to innovative mental health therapies to help young adults (18-29).  Check out Wunderground to learn more.


01. Strays 
02. Closer I Get (feat. Ny Oh) 
03. Malibu (feat. Jonathan Wilson, Buck Meek) 
04. Black Wolf Blues 
05. Mind Travel 
06. Unoriginal Sin (feat. Mike Campbell) 
07. Homesick (feat. Jonathan Wilson) 
08. Where Did We Go Wrong 
09. Burn Whatever's Left 


Dream Supply by Wunderground for Margo Price in a custom Mind Travel  x Margo Price wrapper.

The evening wind-down just got better. For days when drifting off to sleep don’t come easy, this blend of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms is great to have on hand, and gentle enough for people of all ages. Chamomile is blended with Reishi to help calm the mind and invite slumber. We added some Lion’s Mane to help invite relaxation, and drink this tea in evenings or daytimes when we feel stress coming on. A winning combination, chamomile and mushrooms also help to calm the gut and aid in digestion. 


Mushroom Information-
Reishi and Lion’s Mane
500 mg mushroom dose per 12 oz cup
Lion's Mane: 8:1 concentration
Reishi: 15:1 concentration

Tea Information-
Instant Herbal Tea
Chamomile & Meyer Lemon

Tasting Notes-
Floral, honey, lemon

More Details-
10 travel-friendly servings

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