Rhye- Blood CD + Candle Bundle

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Rhye Blood CD + Candle Bundle.

6.5oz Rhye Candle made with notes of white fig, Moro, vetiver, grass, noix de Grenoble, fruitwood, sandalwood, powdered graphite and clay.
Designed, decorated, and hand-poured by Joya exclusively for Rhye. Glass vessel, White-colored wax. Made in New York City. 

Only available through the Rhye Shop and Joya.

Rhye "Blood" CD.

Full MP3 album download available immediately upon purchase. 

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1. Waste 3:31
2. Taste 3:44
3. Feel Your Weight 3:09
4. Please 3:33
5. Count To Five 3:28
6. Song For You 3:58
7. Blood Knows 3:30
8. Stay Safe 4:52
9. Phoenix 4:34
10. Softly 3:37
11. Sinful 4:03