Ghost - Ceremony and Devotion (T-Shirt, Poster, & Album Bundle)

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Ghost "Ceremony and Devotion" T-Shirt , Limited Edition 13 x 19" Lenticular Poster and Album Bundle.

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Full Track Listing (CD, Vinyl & MP3):

1. Year Zero 5:42
2. Square Hammer 4:23
3. From The Pinnacle To The Pit 4:16
4. Spoksonat 0:52
5. Con Clavi Con Dio 3:53
6. He Is 4:44
7. Mummy Dust 4:15
8. Per Aspera Ad Inferi 4:13
9. Secular Haze 5:13
10. Elizabeth 4:48
11. Body And Blood 3:53
12. Absolution 5:22
13. Devil Church 2:17
14. Ritual 7:41
15. Cirice 5:59
16. Monstrance Clock 6:11
17. Ghuleh / Zombie Queen 7:39

The 8 Track "Selections from Ceremony and Devotion" includes the following tracks:

Program A
Square Hammer 4:24
Pinnacle 4:16

Program B
Con Clavi 3:53
Per Aspera 4:13

Program C
He is  4:07
Absolution 5:23

Program D
Mummy Dust 4:16
Monstrance clock 5:30